Principal's Desk

Ample number of sociological, emotional challenges are awaiting for the children in the society to deal with Growing cosmopolitan settlements which expects more flexibility, adjustments and compromises in the social process. Inhumane practices are spreading across the world since the faith in the moral values are degrading. Our basic values of tolerance and patience with perseverance need to be reinstated in the tender minds. Values of the great personalities who have shaped our country so far need to be reminded again and again. This country needs strong individuals nurtured in the high quality ethical environment.

Eventually the children has to leave the school as a complete human being with all the skills required for the 21st century. Considering all these things we are designing a progressive curriculum which is more accommodative to meet all the challenges positively. Since we ensure freedom for the children to think, their confident level is also raising. As per our vision we are working to produce physically, mentally and socially vibrant citizens who are with commitments to the development of a strong nation.

Mary J. Jackson